Monday, July 23, 2012

Achieving Financial Freedom: What I Cut Back On

This is part two of the "Achieving Financial Freedom" series.

1)Massages: I love massages. LOVE them. To the point that if I could afford it I’d have one every week. No, every DAY. But alas, I’m not a billionaire. I’ve decided to treat myself to two massages a year. Sigh...I wish it was more. But at $100/massage I can’t afford more than two right now!

2)Happy Hour and Restaurants: Since I work part-time at a restaurant, I can get that social fix without having to spend money. I have started to view going out as a luxury instead of a daily thing. I allow myself a certain amount of money every month to go to a bar or restaurant and when that money runs out I’m done (although sometimes if I have grocery money left over I’ll use it at a restaurant). I can’t give up these things entirely because, well, I’m single and need to mingle!

3) Spending In General: Unless I have a gift card or I have budgeted for it, I don’t buy it. That’s my motto and I’ve done a good job sticking to it. Sometimes I fall out of line a bit, but for the most part I am right on track here. It doesn’t hurt that I don’t have a clothes/jewelry/shoes/games/DVDs/etc. obsession. I’m sure this would be harder for other people. I guess you could say my “obsession” is becoming debt free!

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