Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Apartment Search Update

An update on the search for my own studio apartment: 

I’ve found a building I like and have put in an application. I would sign the lease next month and move in sometime in November. This is great for me in terms of timing - I won’t have to take any days off from work if I move during the Thanksgiving holiday and I also won’t have to use any of my Christmas vacation time to move in December. Win-win!

The apartment is in my budget range, but definitely on the high end of it. The good news is all utilities are included except for internet. I don’t have cable right now, but I might take advantage of a special that RCN is offering to get cable and internet together for the year for $40/month. Not bad, considering our internet bill right now is $42. I’m hoping RCN is better than Comcast. See my earlier post on that. (And speaking of you, Comcast, the leasing agent at my potential new building told me that her boyfriend had been put in collections in the same manner I had - when they actually owed HIM money).

If I decide to take this place, I’ll post pictures as soon as I can. The main room and kitchen have a lot of potential. The bathroom is another story. It is monumentally ugly. We are talking horrible, dull blue tiles (the ugliest blue imaginable) and a brown-ish linoleum floor. The light fixture above the sink is terrible as well and there is no window in the bathroom. I’m predicting this will be the worst thing about the apartment. But I’m excited about the large closets and the hardwood floors!


  1. I am sorry to learn that you're no longer a Comcast customer. If you decide to come back, I am here to help.


    Mark Casem
    Comcast Corp.
    National Customer Operations

  2. Where was your company's kindness when you tried to put me in collections? You will never persuade me to come back and I will never advise anyone to use Comcast. Poor business practices lead to unhappy customers. I suggest you try to fix those practices.