Friday, September 7, 2012

Farewell, Real Simple

It is with sadness that I will no longer be subscribing to my favorite magazine: Real Simple. You are my perfect magazine - you make me feel happy about organization, food, and finance. You are pretty and have the best tips for how to use old things in new ways. You always know how to tell an uplifting story. 
So sad to see you go, Real Simple.

But the bottom line is you have terrible customer service, and I will no longer allow myself (or anyone who would like to gift me a subscription) to support the terrible employees I encountered today. I talked to five people - two of whom hung up on me, and one of whom actually told me that they did not have access to the information I requested, when in fact, I found out later, they did. It was only when I talked to the fifth person that I learned what had really happened with my account.VISA never processed a promotion I signed up for years ago, so when I tried to figure out how Real Simple got my credit card number, I couldn’t find any record of having purchased a product from them. I mean, how cool is it that VISA messed up and I got a free magazine subscription, but how not-cool is it that it took a whole morning and five people to tell me that was what had happened? This was also complicated by the fact that the original subscription was purchased by my mother as a gift to me, so I never actually placed an order myself until this promotion that was never processed. I know part of it is my fault (for not remembering something I bought a few years ago), but the horrible customer service is what will make me stay away from a company that employs such rude people

Adieu, Real Simple, I’m off to Pinterest to replace you. 

P.S. - I promise the next post won’t be about companies that I am angry with :)

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