Tuesday, October 23, 2012

New Apartment Update: Getting Closer!

In just a week, I will sign the lease for my new apartment! A studio of my own!

My excitement has made it harder to wait, but I've found that looking for decorating inspiration helps. I have a preliminary vision for what the two main rooms in the apartment will look like. The main room is fairly large and can be sequestered into a living area and a sleeping area. This is my floor-plan inspiration:
For color in the main room, cobalt blue has caught my eye lately. I think I can add some touches of this striking color to the black and navy decor that I already own. I do think I’ll need to throw in some other pops of color, but I won’t really know what that secondary color should be until I see the room all put together. Here is my cobalt blue inspiration:

For the kitchen, I’m going with black, white, and red. I have a few red kitchen items that I can put on display. I like the look of this kitchen:

I'm signing my lease on November 1st and will be able to take pictures of the empty apartment then. I'll post those in my next apartment update. Getting closer!


  1. So exciting! cant wait to see the photos!

  2. I'm glad someone else can relate to the anticipation!