Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Path to Minimalism: DVD Collection

For years, DVDs were the go-to Christmas gift. I rarely knew what to tell my parents to get me when they asked, so I usually ended up giving my mom a list of DVDs and books I wanted that year. My book collection is much smaller right now, largely due to the fact that I have kept a lot of them at my parents’ house. Apparently, my books fill an entire bookshelf that my mom just moved into my old room. Oops...but that isn’t the focus of today’s entry. DVDs are.

So here we go...my reason for downsizing my DVD collection is two-fold. I hate the TV stand I have. Yes, I picked it out and still like the look of it. But is is SO damn heavy and collects an insane amount of dust! When I move in Novmber I want to sell this thing and buy something sleeker and lighter. Since I want a smaller TV stand, I need to cut down on the amount of DVDs I have.

I started out with a large pile:

Now the hard part - deciding what to keep and what to sell. Here are my two commandments for this project:
“Thou shalt not get rid of Tom Hanks movies.”
“Thou shalt not get rid of TV series collections such as LOST, Friends, The Office, etc...”

Since I don’t have cable, I thoroughly enjoy revisiting my favorite TV shows. I’m not getting rid of my favorites, nor am I getting rid of any Tom Hanks movies, because, well, I LOVE TOM.

Following these two rules, I was able to put aside 16 DVDs to get rid of:

I’ve listed my DVDs on glyde.com and have only sold one so far. Perhaps it is time to put these on Amazon or craigslist? If I still don’t get any takers, then I might just have to give these babies away via Freecycle. DVDs really aren’t worth that much anymore!

Final collection:

Slight improvement!

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