Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Moving Accomplished!

I’ve finally moved!

Moving week went by so fast, and Thanksgiving felt like a blur. My parents were here to celebrate the holiday (I cooked the turkey) and over the weekend they helped me move. Once we got everything in it looked like this:
Boxes, boxes everywhere!

What a mess! It looks better now, but there is still a lot of stuff I have to put away.

A few things I learned from this move:

1. Moving over a long weekend is definitely the way to go. BUT...

2. Moving during Black Friday is a bad idea. I had legitimate errands to run on a day that I would normally stay at home. I hate shopping malls and large department stores on normal days. Why, oh why, did I move during the biggest shopping weekend of the year? I encountered rabid consumers, rude and frustrated salespeople/cashiers, and crowded spaces. Not my idea of a good time.

3. If you see on the news that someone in a Virginia Sears (yes, I went there to get a good deal on a vacuum and it is amazing) store stabbed someone with a paring knife, don’t be surprised. The red light special a half hour after the store opened on Thanksgiving evening was a KNIFE. “Attention shoppers: Red Light Special on level two. If you are 21 or older, come claim your free paring knife.” My parents and I decided it was time to pay for the vacuum and get the hell out of dodge.

4. Having a carpenter for a dad is awesome. I knew this before, but I can never give my dad enough praise for solving all of my apartment-related problems. Break on a knob on your dresser? No problem, he’ll just put on new ones. You want only one divider on that Ikea shelf? No problem, he’ll do his own Ikea hack. And my favorite: You want to hang a curtain rod that is 12 feet long where the wall has no space for the middle bracket? No problem, he’ll just suspend it from the ceiling. No big deal. I love my dad!

5. Thanks for washing all of my dishes, Mom :)

More pictures to come as I get things put away!

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