Thursday, November 1, 2012

New Apartment Photos

I finally have photos of my new place! Today I signed the lease and inspected my new studio. I'll officially move in a few weeks when my parents are here for Thanksgiving. The only phrase that can encompass my excitement is this: hell yeah! My new place is everything I dreamed and more. It beats my current place in every way. Even though this isn't a brand new building, management has done a good job cleaning and painting the place. I'm so happy with the appliances in the kitchen and bathroom. Such a step up from what I have now! My current place is so run-down and dingy that it makes my new studio look like heaven on earth. Oh, and the heat actually works! No more space heater!

As promised here are the photos. Because it was almost completely dark by the time I got to my new studio for the inspection, the photos didn't come out as bright as I had hoped even with the flash. Oh well, these will do for now!

This photo is taken from the far wall of the main room. If you go straight from this vantage point, you'll enter the walk-in closet. If you turn to the right from this perspective, you'll see the large window at the other end of the main room.

Bonus closet right across from the front door.
Main room: This is taken from the wall with the large window. The kitchen is on the right, out of frame. The second photo of the main room is taken from the wall shown in the first main room photo.

Closet: When you enter the walk-in closet, this is what you see.
It comes with hooks!
Bathroom: Upon entering the walk-in closet, the clothing rod (in photo above) is on the left, out of frame in this picture. These shelves on the right are opposite the clothing rod. In the second photo you can see the blue tile. It is not as ugly as I remember it. But I'm still not quite sure how I will decorate this bathroom!
How great are these shelves? Right?!
Help! I don't know what colors accent this gray/blue tile.
Kitchen: This kitchen makes me so happy. New stove, new counter, new fridge. I'm in heaven.

Look at that brand new refrigerator!
A gas stove - yay!

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