Thursday, November 8, 2012

New Furniture for a New Place

I both love and hate Ikea. I love the simplicity of their items and the affordability. But I also hate that it is generic and mass-produced. Unique items are most often found at thrift stores and antique shops. They have character and can really add that special something to a room. But I can't stand it when the love of unique and antique items leads to clutter. I hate clutter!

What I propose to do with my new place is start simple, with basic items from Ikea, and then be on the look-out for those unique pieces that catch my eye. This will make the hunting more fun! I can already see myself browsing Miss Pixie's, a local DC second-hand/antique shop, for that curious table or picture frame.

I have two larger pieces of furniture in my apartment that I'm replacing with Ikea pieces. First, I have a TV stand that is just too big and quite the pain to clean:

I'm replacing it with this:

Next, is my futon. I'm not in college anymore. It is time to ditch the futon for a proper couch. I replaced the crappy metal frame a few years ago, but the mattress has held up for 10 years. I'm amazed at what a great purchase this was. Well worth it! But it is time to say goodbye to you, dear futon:

I'm replacing you with this loveseat:
One more item that I'll be purchasing is a larger Expedit shelving unit from Ikea. This is to separate my bedroom from my living room in my studio. 

Now, you'll notice a pattern here. I seem to be going for ALL WHITE. That is sort of scary. I've never gone for white before. I've stuck mainly with black items. I am a little nervous about this much white, but I figure I can change up the colors in the room easier if I have white furnishings. Right? Eek!


  1. My place is practically all white! I love it! Everything seems much more airy and light

  2. I am hoping that it will make the place lighter! I had a red/black theme in my living room before and it was just too dark. Thanks for the encouragement, Casey!