Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Fifty Deco: November 2012 Recap

This is the debut post in a new segment I like to call Fifty Deco. Crazy name, huh? Well, I can’t really come up with anything else to describe my $50 a-month decoration budget. The obvious ones are, well, OBVIOUS. Like “Decorating on a Budget” or “Frugal Design” or “Frugal anything.” Or I thought about “Monthly Decoration Money” because I will be writing about what I spend my $50 on in monthly intervals. So here is me trying to coin a new phrase. Fifty Deco. I kind of like it...it sounds like a catchy radio phrase, “And stayed tuned for Fifty Deco after the break!”

Anyway...In this segment I will feature the item(s) I purchased this month on apartment decoration, organization, and miscellaneous DIY. I’ll tell you why I bought what I did, where I got it, and what I paid for it.

Why $50? That’s an easy answer. When I got done figuring my monthly budget for 2013, I realized I could only allot $50 to decorating each month. Even though I can now afford to live in my own studio in one of the most expensive cities in the US, I didn’t just all of a sudden become Miss Moneybags. I still have student loan debt that I’m paying off and I am not a shopper by nature. Some months I’ll only buy one item and other months I might skip buying anything in favor of saving for a larger purchase.

First up for November 2012: West Elm Shower Curtain

West Elm
Total = $49.82 ($39.00 + $10.82 in shipping)

I tried to purchase this in the West Elm store in Georgetown. Sadly, this particular store doesn't carry bath items! Grrr....

Items I’m considering for next month: mason jars, picture frames, and a shelf for the kitchen.

Stay tuned for a post later this week showing my shower curtain in use in my awesome pad!

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