Monday, January 7, 2013

If at First You Don't Succeed...(aka Bathroom Vanity Organization)

In my recent Fifty Deco segment, I blogged about the two cabinet shelves I bought at the Container Store. When I got home with my new purchases, I was ready to put the shelves to use in my kitchen. I was hoping to make room for more food by moving around the dishes. was not to of the shelves was too big! I was really frustrated that only one fit. But have no fear, ever the resourceful person, I knew I could put the shelf to use somewhere else. And then I thought of just the place - the bathroom!

The vanity cabinet does not have shelves, and my attempt to organize consisted of throwing stuff into two small containers I already had. With no shelves to stack items, vertical space is completely wasted here:

Toilet paper mayhem!
Enter cabinet shelf! What a difference this little item makes in this space:

My blow dryer even has its own special spot.
I finished this little project by re-organizing the containers so that everything fit. In the end, much improved!


  1. I organizedy bathroom today too! Toilet paper is annoying.

  2. The one thing you absolutely need, but also something very hard to store!