Wednesday, January 30, 2013

New Kitchen Shelf!

As I showed you last week, my dad is pretty handy with tools. Not only did he help me hang pictures, but he also installed a shelf in my kitchen for me! I don't have much cupboard space, and it was annoying me that my wine glasses were taking up a whole shelf in one of my cupboards. How could I free up this valuable space? Answer: Install a mounted shelf on the kitchen wall, attach stemware holders, and move the wine glasses out of the cupboard.

Let's refresh. Here is what the space looked like before the shelf:

Now here it is with the shelf and the stemware holders:

A closer look:

A view with the bedroom in the background:

I decided to stay with the clean, white look in the kitchen as well. I think it contributes to the cohesiveness of the entire apartment and allows me to play with color (something I'm afraid of) without making huge commitments.

In case you are curious, the shelf is from Lowe's and the stemware holders are from The Container Store.

I'm really happy to have a space in my cupboard now for food AND I got the added bonus of filling that empty wall space with something functional!

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