Monday, January 28, 2013

The Pillow Quest

I've finally decided on a color combination for the bedroom area of my studio - navy blue and emerald green! I will probably want to throw a third color in there, but I've discovered that with color I have to see things as they are before I can decide on what to add. I also have a really hard time choosing colors and patterns, which is why I need your help! Here is how my bedroom area looks right now:

Here is a collage I made of a few emerald green throw pillow ideas:

Ikea Duvet / Etsy-JillianReneDecor / Etsy-MacAndLexie / Etsy-MotifPillows / Etsy-poshstreetpillows / Etsy-EdenBlvd / / Etsy-JillianReneDecor 

I sort of like the idea of two solid green pillows and one patterned pillow. And then maybe navy blue pillows to go behind the polka-dot ones?

Which pillows do you think would look best?


  1. I like option 1. Could you do two pillows with a large pattern and one with a small, tight pattern?

  2. The solid green ones are 22" x 22" and option one is 16" x 16". Option 2 is my favorite, and that one comes in an 18" x 18". There is also a navy blue version as well! Decisions!