Monday, February 18, 2013

Fifty Deco: January 2013 Recap

These Are Things
It’s time for the January installment of Fifty Deco. In this segment I feature the item(s) I purchased the previous month (on a $50 budget) for apartment decoration, organization, and miscellaneous DIY. I’ll tell you why I bought what I did, where I got it, and what I paid for it. I’ll also showcase the items in future blog posts so you can see the item(s) in use.

January Finds:

  • A print of my home state via These Are Things = $39.35 w/shipping
  • Print of a photo I took in Israel = $9.60
Total = $48.95
Leftover = $1.05

I also had to dip a bit into my savings in January in order to get some more pictures printed and framed for when my dad visited and helped me hang pictures. But with other items for my apartment, I stayed under the $50 minimum.

I've framed both of these and they are now hanging in my apartment. You can see one of them here.

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