Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Saving on Haircuts: AKA, Why Have I Been an Idiot?

I was taking a look over my budget today and realized that I am spending $200/year on haircuts. That’s not much compared to some people, but I have something going for me that most others don’t.  MY MOM IS A HAIR STYLIST. That’s right, I’ve been paying for haircuts when I could be getting them for free. What have I been thinking? Why would I EVER get a haircut from anyone else? My dad hasn’t paid for a haircut in 35 years, why should I?
Now, I don’t live near my mom, but I do see her enough times a year for her to give me a haircut. This is a no-brainer. My mom is cutting my hair from now-on.
But I had to ask myself, why have I been getting haircuts from salons since high school? I came up with two reasons - one is my fault, the other is my mother’s.
Since this is my blog, I’m blaming my mom first :) She didn’t want to cut my hair in high school because she was afraid that if I didn’t like it I would be mad at her. Well, that is just dumb reasoning now! I know I won’t hate it, because she is good at her job. And I trust her. I probably didn’t trust her when I was 15, so my guess is that was the real reason she didn’t cut my hair. Not cutting my hair was the trade-off for preserving the delicate mother-teenage daughter relationship.
Reason number two is entirely my fault. I didn’t want to get haircuts based on when I saw my mom. I wanted to have the convenience of going to a salon wherever I was living and not have to wait. Impatience, I tell you! I’ve seen the light now and will be having my mom cut, color, and condition my hair when I go home for Easter and will never set foot in another salon as long as my mother is on this planet! Here’s to saving another $200 this year!
I do love my stylist in DC, so it isn’t without reservation that I give up the hair salon. But come on...$200 is a lot of money that I can invest elsewhere!

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