Friday, April 12, 2013

Best of the Blogosphere: 4/12/13 Edition

Every Friday I feature a blog post in the following categories: Simple Living, Financial, DIY, Before & After, and Random. Here are this week's picks:

Best Simple Living: Trent from The Simple Dollar challenges us to take a day to reflect on what you really want in life. Is your life full of stuff that doesn't matter?

Best Financial: Give Me Back My Five Bucks asks a good question - Would you ever date someone who had debt? I would date someone with student loan debt, but I'd be leery of someone with massive credit card debt.

Best DIY: Ever thought of making your own laundry detergent? Here's a good DIY recipe from Man vs. Debt.
Best Before & After: Sigh. Now that the weather is nice I would love this patio for hanging out! Via Better After.

Best Random: If you haven't seen this yet, you've probably been living in a cave this week: Reasons My Son is Crying.


  1. Id be wary of credit card debt too- It reflects on the person's life skills. However if they were actively paying it down and learned from their mistakes I would be ok.

    But, do you even have that conversation early on? or when it is too late???

  2. Right - when DO you have that conversation? As a society, I think we hesitate to talk about money. But really, most fights in relationships/marriages happen because of money disagreements! Life skills - that is exactly what it is about, and values. If the person likes to spend money on expensive hobbies, then I'd wonder if our values really align.