Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Fifty Deco: April Update

It’s time for the April installment of Fifty Deco. In this segment I feature the item(s) I purchased the previous month (on a $50 budget) for apartment decoration, organization, and miscellaneous DIY. I’ll tell you why I bought what I did, where I got it, and what I paid for it. I’ll also showcase the items in future blog posts so you can see the item(s) in use. 

I haven’t done a Fifty Deco update in a while. Most likely because I haven’t exactly been spending $50 each month. Sometimes more, sometimes less. Due to being rather busy, I haven’t done much spending in April on apartment decoration. In fact, I’ve only spent $10. So let’s see what I got!

Last weekend I noticed a sign for an estate sale a block away from my apartment. Brilliant! On Saturday I stopped in to see if there was anything I could use. Estate sales are often great places to get items at a low price. I don’t recommend making a hobby of estate sales/garage sales, though. It can get out of hand. See the TV show Hoarders for proof. But I do enjoy the occasional walk through an estate sale.

I found 4 great items. One fold-up chair and three mason jars of varying sizes. 

Since I have a small place, I don’t have many seating options. This became apparent a few weekends ago when I had friends over and was forced to use my step-stool as a chair around the table. So when I saw the following chair for $5, I couldn’t pass it up!
(c) SingleSimpleStudio

And then I saw these mason jars.
(c) SingleSimpleStudio

The larger one was $4 and the smaller two were 50 cents. Mason jars sell for at least $5 at antique stores and miscellaneous shops, so I knew I got quite the deal. 

Grand total spent = $10

Note: You may have noticed that I didn't put a signature on my photos in this post. I'm still working on my transition from PC to Mac and don't have photoshop for Mac yet. Please don't use these photos without citing this blog. Thanks!

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