Monday, April 15, 2013

New Pillows At Last!

I finally took pictures of my new bedroom pillows! Remember when I asked you to guess which ones I decided to purchase?


So which one did I choose?

Number 2!
When they came in the mail, I expected the pillows to be more green. At first I wasn't too happy with them and thought that I wanted more of a green color instead of a teal/blue. But then...this happened:
I took a step back and realized that the pillows are a PERFECT match to one of the globes I have sitting on my room divider. Yay!

To remind you, the bed looked pretty bare before:

Here's a picture of my bedroom as it looks now:
What do you think of the new pillows?


  1. Is your apartment always that tidy?

    1. That area, yes! But the dining table is another story. You know me...I'm a bit OCD about being neat :)