Monday, April 8, 2013

Retro Gallery Wall

The other day while I was browsing Pinterest, I saw a fantastic idea for a tiny wall I have in my apartment. What me? Getting an idea from Pinterest!? Say it ain't so.

Anyway...the idea that struck me was this one:

Pinterest (no actual source)

I have a wall slightly more narrow than this at 33.5 inches wide. And I love photographs, especially black and white ones. I pinned this a few weeks ago, so the idea had been floating around my head for a while. The project came to fruition in my mind when I went home for Easter. I saw an old photograph of my mother and I immediately wanted to frame it. Then I remembered my parents gave me a framed black and white print of their engagement photo, THEN I remember I wanted to frame a picture of my grandparents from the 50s, and so on. Until, boom! I put two and two together and decided that I would gather together a collection of black and white family photos, frame them, and put them on small shelves to make a gallery wall. Brilliant idea!

Here are a few of the photos I brought home with me:
My grandma (on guitar) with her sister
My grandparents in 1946
My mom in 1971
And some more gallery wall inspiration:
Via Always Chasing Life
Via Cool Photo Ideas


  1. I just love those pictures of your mom and your grandma! Such a great idea!!!!!!

  2. Thanks! They are wonderful photos. :) This project might take a while...have to save up for those shelves!