Monday, May 6, 2013

I Love Lamp!

Finally, back to some apartment stuff!

On Sunday I went to my go-to store for apartment decoration - TJ Maxx. I picked up a few things using gift cards (thanks, Mom!). One of them was this awesome lamp, which I had seen a few weeks ago. I'm so glad they still had it!

Before I got this lamp, the area by my bed looked like this. The taller lamp is old and the shade was about ready to go - you can't see all the marks on it from this distance, but they are there! It was a flimsy piece to begin with. I think I got it at Target for $15 about five years ago. It has served its purpose!

Here is the look of the room now with the new lamp. Much improved, I think!

Seeing the new lamp in its place reminds me that it will look much better when I do a bit more decorating. The wall above the bed is sad, I know. As is the bedside table. I have plans to paint this table to match the color of the pillows as well - add that on my growing "to-do" list.

The bedside table, by the way, was tucked behind my couch before I moved it by my bed. The old lamp is now next to my couch, but the jury is still out on whether it will stay there.


  1. "I love lamp." is, hands down, my favorite line from Anchorman. :)

  2. I have several favorite lines, including "The human torch was denied a bank loan" and "I'm in a glass case of emotion!" Did you hear there is a sequel coming out? So excited!