Friday, June 21, 2013

Best of the Blogosphere: 6/21/13 Edition

Every Friday I feature a blog post in the following categories: Simple Living, Financial, DIY, Before & After, and Random. Here are this week's picks:

Best Simple Living: My favorite quote from this article by The Minimalist Mom: "When you have less stuff you need to take care of what you do own." Amen!

Best Financial: Get Rich Slowly has a few ideas for how to have a garage sale when you live in an apartment. Maybe I just need to take out a Craigslist ad asking for someone to host my stuff and they'll get a cut? Or is that not worth my time?

Best DIY: How cool is this rain chain! I can imagine myself sitting on a porch swing listening to the rain trickle down. Via Design Sponge.
Best Before & After: MacGirlver sure did MacGyver the heck out of this dresser! She turned it into TWO pieces of furniture. Bravo.

Best Random: Living in Washington, I have plenty of friends who have some seriously awesome security clearance privileges!

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