Thursday, June 20, 2013

Closet Conundrum

The biggest eyesore in my apartment so far is definitely my walk-through closet. The below floor plan isn’t exactly correct with regards to the kitchen and living area, but the way it shows the closet leading into the bathroom is entirely accurate.

On one side, there is a long rod to hang my clothes that takes up the majority of the wall space. Across from that is a series of shelves. It is really hard to take pictures of this tiny area, but here is my attempt:

It looks a bit crazy right now, which has led me to look for ideas on how to better organize and cohesively arrange things so that it is at least somewhat pleasing to the eye. After all, visitors have to walk through the closet to get to the bathroom, and I’m sure they don’t want to see all of my stuff!

To give me some inspiration, I’ve rounded up some ideas and blog posts on closet organization that would fit my needs:

1. Use a curtain to cover up clutter:

Via Young House Love
2. Keep rarely used items in decorative boxes on exposed shelves:

Via A Passion for Home

3. Infuse your plastic drawers with something more colorful:

Via Why Not Do It Yourself

If I can incorporate these ideas over time, I’ll have a more functioning closet! Ideally I’d like it to look like this. Somewhere, my high school art teacher is laughing:

If you have a small closet, how do you organize it?


  1. I dont even have a closet! just an armoire. My suggestion is maybe a dresser under half the closet? You can hang shirts and pants over it, but it will hide the folded clothing (because folded clothing never stays folded).

    I also like the idea of a curtain across the "closet" wall.

    and try to get matching hangers so everything looks cohesive!

    and organize your clothing by either colour or type (like tanks, then tshirts, then cardigans, etc)

    1. Thanks for the tips! I like the idea of a small dresser underneath.