Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Mirror Mirror....on the Floor

I’ve been living without a floor-length mirror for a few years now, and while this isn’t a necessity by any means, I’ve thought on more than one occasion, “Does this outfit look ridiculous?” But I can’t tell, because I can only see from the waist up. A few times I’ve gotten to work, looked at myself in the floor-length restroom mirror and gone, “YIKES!” So it’s time to invest in a mirror. I’ve been browsing thrift stores for what I hoped was a cheap-ish one, but the last few months of searching has turned up nothing. It is time to look at what is out there in the wider retail world.

First up, Target:

The Threshold Hall Mirror - Silver
Price = $30.99
Pros = Cheap! Available in stores, so don’t have to pay shipping.
Cons = Cheap. Quality will be lower and I can tell from the picture it is only slightly nicer than those mirrors we hung on the doors in our college dorms.


The Easel Mirror
Price = $79.99
Pros = Decently priced.
Cons = Not available in stores, will have to pay for shipping. Not sure how I feel about the easel design.


Next, West Elm:

Parsons Floor Mirror - White Lacquer
Price = $339.00
Pros = Gorgeous, high quality.
Cons = The price, obviously. Not clear if it is available in the store or only online.

West Elm

Metal Floor Mirror
Price = $254
Pros = Minimalist design. Goes with anything.
Cons = Again, the price. Even though it is cheaper than the other West Elm mirrors. Also not sure how I feel about metal as a decor choice.

West Elm

World Market:

Recycled Magazine Mirror
Price = $249.99
Pros = Unique design. Conversation piece.
Cons = Price. Only available online.

World Market

Porter Leaner Mirror
Price = $119
Pros = In my price range. 
Cons = Not crazy about the brown color.

World Market

Finally, Ikea:

Mongstad Mirror
Price = $99.99
Pros = Reasonably priced. Available in the store, so won’t have to ship this big guy. I like the chunky frame to the mirror. 
Cons = I like Ikea and I hate Ikea. Lots of cheap stuff, but not always made that well.

Stave Mirror
Price = $49.99 or $39.99, depending on size
Pros = Cheap!
Cons = Again, its an Ikea product, so I love/hate it. This one looks like it will fall apart in a year.
So has this search narrowed my choices down any? Yes, it has. I know that going over $200 for a mirror is not realistic right now, even if I do like those mirrors better. What I’m going for right now is function, but not quite so cheap looking as to take me back to my college dorm room. I’m down to this debate: The Ikea Mongstad Mirror or Target Silver Mirror. Both will serve their functions, so now it is a matter of looking at both of them and figuring out which one is more my taste. Right now, I can say I’m definitely leaning towards the Ikea one!

It is a good thing my dad will be in town soon so I’ll have some help loading this big thing into the Zipcar we are renting for a few hours to run errands.

Do you have any suggestions where else I should look for floor-length mirrors? I'm open to different option than these!

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