Monday, July 29, 2013

Color Behind the Canopy

Now that I have a start on the bedroom wall, I've begun brainstorming about what I want to go behind the sheer white half-canopy:

Several ideas are popping into my head. Curtains! Fabric! Wallpaper!


madebydrawstring on Etsy


Astoria Rust at Jo-Ann Stores

Flamingo at Jo-Ann Stores

Formal Hydrangea at Jo-Ann Stores

Temporary Wallpaper

Swag Paper
From these options, you can probably tell I want color and pattern. I’m leaning towards a light purple, which is why the Distressed Trellis temporary wallpaper is in the lead. I do like the Astoria Rust fabric from Jo-Ann’s, though. It brings color without being too bold. I think I’m bold enough in other areas of my apartment.

As far as pattern goes, any suggestions on what pairs well with ikat? I’ve seen recommendations for geometric shapes as well as sparkle and subtle polka dots.

You might be able to tell by reading this blog that I’m not one of those people who can design a room from scratch! This is why I add little things over time - I have to see what the room looks like after each piece is added, then I get inspiration for the next addition or modification.

What color would you add to this black and white palette?


  1. I think you should stencil something and then send the stencil to me when youre done because im indecisive on my own stencil :)

    I bet christmas lights would look cool behind there- but that seems like the kind of thing you would never actually turn on :/

    1. Yeah, the picture that gave me the inspiration for this used Christmas lights. I would only turn them on at night, and even then I'd probably forget half the time!

  2. I like the idea of Geometric patterns. The black and white is inspiring me to visualize a turquoise or teal behind the canopy. Yes, a little more bold than light purple. But with the sheer canopy diffusing it, it should look really nice.

  3. Hmmm...teal or turquoise. I was thinking of going purple because I have enough blue shades in the main room already. Plus, I want to get more plants, and thought a light purple would go nicely with plant-green. What do you think? You are better with color than I am, artist!