Monday, August 26, 2013

A Furniture Experiment

Last weekend, I tried a little experiment. I switched the layout of my desk and dining table. I’ve been thinking about what to do with this area for a while and came up with a hypothesis: That the two pieces of furniture would look better switched around. Was I right?

Original Layout:

Reversed Layout:

The result: I learned that if I’m going to like this space, in either configuration, I need to get a smaller table that folds up, such as this one from Ikea. I also need to de-clutter the desk asap! It just doesn't look neat or organized. The problem is the big, chunky printer/scanner. Methinks this will go in the closet soon.

Which configuration do you like best?


  1. Could it become two new pieces? A dinner table that also serves as a desk, rendering you more workspace and a bookshelf/case to hold your goods? In a small space, and right next to each other, does there need to be two flat surfaces?

    1. Good points, Misty! I'm pretty partial to the desk - my dad made it for me :) I could maybe just use it as a shelving unit and not a desk? Then I could get a smaller table that can fold out to be a table but also hide away a bit to function as a small desk. Maybe I don't need the round side shelf that is against the desk. Or I could use it in a different part of the apartment.

    2. I would be partial to the desk as well. I think it's great and he didn't make it for me! I think your idea of putting the corner shelf somewhere else would be good. I'm sure there's a corner somewhere that it can be useful. I'll keep watching to see what you do!

    3. I'm going to try putting the corner shelf in my bathroom and see what that looks like. I also need to get some better boxes for the shelves. I have some fabric that I might glue to some ugly boxes I have to make them prettier!