Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Homemade Granola - A Cooking DIY

Last weekend, I made granola for the first time and it was YUMMY! I typically buy granola at Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods, but I decided that since I have a bunch of oats, it was worth trying to make it on my own. I was also curious about the cost. Would I save money making it myself? The short answer to that is not really (see a good analysis of this at TheKitchn). But, it was fun and best of all, it was delicious.

For recipes, I tried two from My Whole Food Life. The Maple Almond Vanilla and the Nutella.

I won’t repeat the recipe here, but I’ll give you a few tips and pictures:

I had to search three different Whole Food stores for almond meal. You can apparently make your own too!

Be careful not to burn the batch. You can see from the edges here that I left it in a tad too long.
I took the picture of the jar after I ate some. It really did make more than this!
My handwriting with chalk the tip here is to be better at writing with chalk than me!

Nine times out of ten if you make something at home it is cheaper than store-bought. In this case, it is pretty much a wash. The most expensive items were the nuts. And surprisingly, I didn’t find the rolled oats to be overly cheap either. I’ll have to cost compare to see if I can get a better deal somewhere else in the city. Or maybe buy a TON in bulk. I might be making a lot of granola now that I love these recipes, so maybe it is worth buying large quantities. Oh, and the really great thing is it only takes about a 45 minutes to make and then your house smells amazing for the rest of the day!

PS - Did you notice the awesome new mason jars?! Here are a few more. I bought a bunch at TJ Maxx using a gift card I got for my birthday. Happy birthday to me!

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