Monday, August 12, 2013

It's a Gallery Wall!

I'm sitting in my apartment on Sunday night, extremely exhausted after a long day spent outdoors. Writing a blog post is actually the last thing I want to do right now because it requires some coherent thought (I just had to spell-check "coherent" - that's how tired I am).

But - I did want to get some pictures posted of the gallery wall my dad helped me assemble. Long story short, I got the material for the shelves from Home Depot without my dad's help (small victory!) and I didn't do half bad! It was incredibly cheap too, $20 for 16 feet of wood that I had cut in three separate pieces for each shelf.

Before I left for my Euro vacation at the very end of June, my dad helped me put up the shelves. This is what the wall has looked like for the past month:
Tired of the shelves being so bare, I started buying cheap frames from thrift shops and TJ Maxx over the last month-and-a-half. And viola, I have a much better looking gallery wall!
Each frame was no more than $5 - win!
I still have one or two photos that need to be framed, but so far, I love it! I've gone with black, white, and silver frames and I think the cohesion of color allows me more freedom with the sizes. Aside from framing a few more photos, I need to sand down the edges and paint them white to match. You can't see it from this picture, but the edges are not painted white.

And there's my update! Now back to relaxing and enjoying the few hours of weekend I have left. Have a wonderful week, everyone.


  1. very nice!! Are those old family photos?

  2. Yep! The lovely lady with the large up-do on the second shelf is my mother. The one to the right of that is my parents' engagement photo. The rest of the photos are my grandparents/parents at various stages. I have an adorable one of my dad as a boy that still needs a frame. It is an odd size!