Monday, September 9, 2013

Bursts of Yellow

The bedroom is coming together! I added in a few touches of pale yellow to the teal and black combination, and I think it rounds out the room quite nicely. All I'm waiting on now is the arrival of my new curtains and I think the bedroom will be done! Here is the before:

And here is the bedroom now:

The pillow is from TJ Maxx and the flowers are my bridesmaid's bouquet from my cousin's wedding a few years ago.
What do you think about the additions of yellow? Good or bad?


  1. I like it...and how handy that you already had the bouquet! Which curtains did you decide on?

    1. I was originally going to get the yellow and gray ones from Urban Outfitters, but they ran out! I went with the ones from Anthropologie. We'll see if I like them or not! I think curtains are hard to buy when you already have a look/color in mind. One should probably buy curtains FIRST, then go from there with color!