Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Desk Organization

You may recall an earlier post where I experimented with the layout of the desk and table in the dining room area of my apartment. Well, I fiddled with it again over the weekend. But this time, I decided I needed to attack the issue of the desk being too cluttered! With the help of a few desk organizers found on the cheap at TJ Maxx and a few small DIY's, I now have an organized desk!

Here is the reversed layout that I experimented with. You'll note the desk full of stuff!

And here it is now:

Here's what I did to get to this point:

  • Moved the corner shelf to the bathroom, creating more room in this area of the apartment.
  • Put the printer/scanner in the closet as I rarely use it anyway.
  • Stored most of the items on the corner shelf elsewhere.
  • Finally framed my grad school diploma!
  • Downsized to one magazine filer and pen/pencil holder on the desk (bought on the cheap at TJ Maxx).
  • Found a sweet deal on the globe, again at TJ Maxx. This black globe compliments my other globes as well!
  • DIY'ed a crappy cardboard box with no lid into a catch-all for the desk. I used some leftover black and white patterned fabric and a hot glue gun!
  • A closer Before & After of the desk:

    The cute globe!
    Much better!

    It feels so good to have a functional desk!
    The next step in this room is to figure out what to do with the blank walls. I'll get there!

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    1. Looks great and it was cheaper than buying a new big piece! I hadn't looked at this yet, but also redid an area of our desk today. :)