Saturday, October 12, 2013

Best of the Blogosphere: 10/12/13 Edition

Every Saturday I feature a blog post in the following categories: Simple Living, Financial, DIY, Before & After, and Random. Here are this week's picks:

Best Simple Living: Mr. Money Mustache makes the argument for limiting your circle of concern. As a result of this article I've also now put The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People on my list of to-read books.

Best Financial: Still avoiding your student loans? Stop. You can do it. Check out's five strategies for paying off student loans for help.

Best DIY: I love seeing other bloggers demonstrate their travel-themed designs! I have globes and photos taken from my various trips - Casey over at Waffling has framed maps of places she's been.
Best Before & After: I love bathroom makeovers! Especially when a builder-grade bathroom gets an upgrade. Via Better After.

Best Random: For those who live alone, do you ever think about what would happen if you fell and broke your neck? How long would it take for someone to find you? This article sort of has me freaking out a bit....Via Unclutterer.

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