Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Cost Breakdown: Homemade Deodorant

Over the weekend I experimented with making some homemade products again! This time, I tried homemade deodorant. I used a recipe found on the Honey & Huckleberries blog. I picked this recipe for its simplicity and for some of the rave reviews the blog post got from other people who tried it themselves.

Making the deodorant was super-easy. It took all of 5 minutes to mix all the ingredients together, nuke them in the microwave, and set in a jar to cool. And because I added some orange essential oil, it smelled good too!

I had hoped this would be a cost-saving measure as well as a healthier alternative. It is definitely the latter, but cost-wise I come close to the cost of conventional deodorant. Here is the cost breakdown for each ingredient:

Liquid Vitamin E - 1 oz = $3.62
Shea butter - 16 oz = $19.99 
Arrowroot powder 20 oz.= $6.49
Cocoa butter - 4 oz = $7.99 
Tea tree oil = $7.99
Essential oil = $4.99
Baking soda = $0 (already had)

That brings the total spent to $51.07. I figure I can get about 10 batches, perhaps only 9. That would make the cost-per-batch at around $5.25. The price of most major deodorant brands. I think making my own is worth my time and investment for more than one reason:

  • I've learned how to make something new (and it was fun and easy!)
  • I reuse the glass container, thus saving waste from going into a landfill.
  • I don't put chemicals with weird names on my body.

I recommend trying homemade deodorant if you enjoy making and trying new things, or if you are trying to produce less waste at home. If you are aiming to get cheap deodorant, you might as well continue to buy it for less if you can. I found the cost to be the equivalent of other deodorants, and with that equal, I'll go with the healthier, less wasteful, and more fun version!

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