Thursday, October 24, 2013

Hanging Herb Garden

In my last post, I introduced the latest project that I've been throwing around, which is to decorate the wall in my dining area with more of my own photography.

While I'm still thinking the wall will contain some of my own photos, I'm now leaning towards a way to make the wall more functional. Since I am in a small space, functionality is essential! And thus begins a new idea.

I've been wanting to grow my own herbs for a while, but I wasn't sure how to go about this indoors. Then, thanks to Pinterest, it hit me: grow herbs in pots on walls! Or something to that effect....
Sweet Paul Magazine
Camille Styles

Another reason to do this project now: I mentioned my dad is a great carpenter and that he'll be visiting over the Thanksgiving holiday. He is certainly willing to just hang pictures, but I can obviously do that myself. A project like installing the above herb gardens is definitely more involved and it is one I may not do well on by myself. Enter: Dad!

Do you grow herbs or other edible plants indoors? Tell me how in the comments!

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