Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Little Things

It’s the little things in life that make you happy, they say. I don’t always feel that way, but that’s the statement that is flowing through my brain today. Over the past few weeks, I’ve noticed a few “little things” that I’ve done or experienced that have been extremely rewarding. 

1. Donating Stuff
A church right across the street had a sign up saying they were accepting donations for their Christmas Bazaar. Upon seeing this, I went home to grab the box of stuff I had leftover from the community yard sale I participated in a few weeks ago. I took it right over to the church and handed it to a kind woman taking the donations. She was so happy to receive these items, and chatted me up a bit. Not about joining the church or anything, but just about the bazaar and what the funds go to. I really enjoyed being able to help out a local church provide for its families and in particular, their elderly members. 

2. Exercising for Free
I recently discovered a free indoor pool that allows anyone in the community access, provided you have a valid ID showing you live in the city. I was so excited to start swimming AND not pay a dime that I’ve gone twice in the last three days. Pay for a gym membership? Never!

3. Using the Library
I love books. I don’t like spending money. Hello, library, you have made these two desires compatible! I am in a book club with some friends and I always try to suggest books that we can easily get from the library. I’ve bought one book in the last year for book club, so most of my efforts to encourage library use have been successful.. If I want to read a book and the library doesn’t have it, I just wait until it does. Patience - we can always use more practice with it.

4. Completing Projects
I’ve been making several things lately for Christmas and birthday gifts. I’ve not features them here because some of my friends/family would see and know exactly what they are getting this year! I’m mentioning it now, though, because I love looking at a project when it is finished and realizing I made it. It is a thing that exists now because I created it, which is just an amazing feat, when you really think about it!

Have you noticed that none of the things that have made me really happy lately involve much, if any, money? Sure, I spent a bit acquiring the supplies needed to complete my projects. But it was minimal compared to what I could have spent just buying things and I wouldn’t have had the joy of making the items, either. 

What “little things” do you do in your life that make you happy? Share them with me - bonus points if they cost little to nothing :)


  1. You should check if you library has ebooks. I can sign things out right to my ipad (or an ereader)! instant books!

    1. I think my library may have ebooks, but I don't own an iPad or any type of e-reader! I love actual books. Good suggestion for those who do have e-readers, though!