Tuesday, December 3, 2013

A Few New Things

As I am writing this, my dad is working on assembling my new wall herb garden. I should really attempt these things myself, but my dad insists on taking the reigns. I'll have pictures later in the week. For now, here is the picture I am modeling my wall garden on:
In addition to the wall garden, I picked up two new pieces of furniture at Ikea that really help save space in my small apartment. Right by the door I have replaced a too-big-for-the-space end table with a much smaller one:

The stand completes the landing space area. It has room underneath to accommodate a few pairs of shoes, plus it comes with a drawer that is now a catch-all for my keys and junk mail:

The item I'm most excited about is my new table. My current one is quite chunky and takes up a lot of space. The new one is built for small spaces, expanding only when you need it to. With one leaf expanded, it fits two people:

With both leaves expanded, it fits six:

But the best part is how small it gets when not in use. And the little drawers for storage!

The addition of these items and the repurposing of others has made a huge difference in my apartment recently. The space from the door to the kitchen is much more open. Stay tuned for photos of these items in use!


  1. I have that table!! It still looked great after 3 years!

    1. Glad to hear it holds up well! I didn't notice you had the same one. Off to your blog to see how it looks in your condo :)