Tuesday, December 10, 2013

New Table = More Space

As promised, here are photos of my new table. It is the Norden Gateleg from Ikea.
Look at all that space!
And now expanded on one side. The chairs are from Target (and are stored on a hook in my closet when not in use).

You'll also notice the mason jars hanging on the wall. This is the start of my wall herb garden! I need to buy the herbs, so I'll post about that when I've actually put some plants in there!

Here is a before and after of the dining area.

I'm very happy with these changes. Finally, the dining area is coming together!


  1. I LOVE the table. It's perfect! Now, do they make one of those that will fold out to hold 8?! ;) Excited to see the mason jar herb garden as well. I might have to do that if it works well. Then I wouldn't have to run in and out so often! Love seeing your changes.

    1. Thanks!! That'd be great if the table held 8! I bet you could squeeze in there, but it wouldn't be that comfortable. I'm sure Ikea has some options for you - I love Ikea for space saving ideas! We'll see if this herb garden works out...I'm going to attempt planting after I'm back from Christmas with my family.