Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2013 Goals: A Retrospective

One year ago, I set some pretty lofty goals for the new year. Now a year later, I'm looking back at what I achieved.

From this post last year:

Financial Goals
FYI: My debt was around $21,000.

1. Pay off remaining graduate school debt. The balance was just over $4,000. 

Result: Paid off!

2. Reduce my remaining undergraduate loan to $10,000 by year’s end. The balance was just short of $17,500. I thought I would be able to pay off the entire loan by the end of 2014
Result: I kicked major ass and paid off ALL OF MY DEBT by the end of 2013, a full year before I predicted. 

Health Goals

1. Run a Warrior Dash. 
Result: Fail. I had every intention of doing this, even signing up and training. But then I got hurt playing softball and couldn't run for a few weeks. 

2. Do yoga twice a week. 
Result: Success and fail. I kept this up until around September of this year. Not sure why it dropped off then!

3. Use the gym in my apartment building at least once a week. 
Result: Semi-fail. I traded running and working out indoors for hiking outside and swimming at the free indoor pool in my neighborhood. I just really hate gyms, even if there is a free one in my building!

Random Goals
1. Improve my guitar skills
Result: Success! I've taught myself around 10 songs this year and seen a steady improvement in my skills. That dreaded F chord is still my nemesis, though!

2. Continue to decorate and take on DIY projects for my apartment
Result: Success! I've made a ton of improvements since last year and I love my place!

3. Do not slack off on blogging!
Result: Success! I average two posts a week, with the occasional lapse when I am out of town or really busy with work/life.

2013 was a pretty great year. I accomplished almost all of my goals and credit this blog for keeping me on task! It is easier to stick to something when you put it out there for public consumption. How did everyone do with their 2013 resolutions and goals?

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