Thursday, January 2, 2014

2014 Goals

It is time for me to set my yearly goals. I'm so excited this year to be setting goals that don't include paying off debt!

Financial Goals

1. Get my emergency fund up to 6 months worth of expenses. By my calculations, I need to save about $9,000 more than I currently have saved up.

2. Increase my 403b retirement contributions. I'm currently contributing 10% of my salary to this account (pre-tax) every month. My employer also contributes a very nice 12%! After I meet my first goal, I'm going to shoot for increasing my contribution to 15% by the end of 2014.  

3. Contribute to my Roth IRA or start saving for home down payment. I put these two together because I'm not sure if I'll get to them this year. If it looks like I will, then I'll start researching which is the best course of action.

Health Goals

1. Swim twice a week. Swimming is my new love. I've been good about swimming once a week, but would really like to get to the pool twice a week.

2. Do yoga twice a week. At least once a week at a yoga studio. I know, I know…I've touted the "you don't need to pay to do yoga" thing a lot on this blog. But I really have missed yoga classes with an instructor. Now that I'm out of debt, I've decided it is worth it to me to put some money into going to actual classes.

3. Learn to cook more veggie-based meals. I ate so much meat over the holidays that all I can think about is eating veggies for the rest of time! But seriously, I need to learn how to make more soups and veggie-based dishes. My rice-plus-veggie staple is getting a bit old.

Random Goals

1. Improve my guitar skills. Putting this on the list again for 2014 because I just really love playing the guitar!

2. Solve my closet problem. My closet isn't a mess, but it just looks so "ugh." Especially since you have to walk through it to get to the bathroom. Time to tackle this one. 

3. Can or preserve seasonal fruits or vegetables once a month. I recently got a canner and food processor. I'm ready to start making jams, salsa, and maybe even sauerkraut!

Let's hear your 2014 goals!


  1. Good goals! Let me know if you hit a road block with the veggie meals. :) I have set a goal for this month to eat no meat at all. I don't miss it when it's not there, so with a plan, I'll stick to it. Then we'll see....

    I set my 2014 goals with a simple approach this year. With Philip's flight schedule, moving and being preoccupied with Liezel (and the other four!) and homeschooling, this was a better route. Simple: 1. Read 10 books. 2. Blog more often than not. 3. Do what makes MY body, heart and mind feel good (as opposed to skipping over myself continuously, eg. painting, writing, communication with friends) 4. Exercise and rest more (yoga for me too!) and 5. Pay more compliments and show more interest in others.

  2. Misty, I will definitely let you know if I need suggestions for veggie meals! I've already made quinoa-stuffed bell peppers and a quinoa/lentil salad mix.

    You definitely don't need any more complications in your life with all those kids! Too bad we don't live near each other - we could have cooking and yoga parties :)