Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Hello Herbs!

Look what I bought last weekend:

Yay! Only one more and I'd have this:
Get it? 

But anyway…that means I finally have something to put in my wall herb garden:

Getting the herbs on the wall was pretty easy as I had the system in place (thanks to a lot of help from my dad!).

First step: Re-pot the herbs in the mason jars. 

I took the following terra cotta pot…

…and smashed it!

This will supposedly help with the moisture that drips down to the bottom of the mason jar. Terra cotta pots are naturally absorbent, so I'm told they'll ward off mold that could accumulate at the bottom of the jars. After smashing up the pot, I layered the bottom of each jar and transferred the herbs, using a bit of potting soil to help fill the jars.

Second step: Attach the jars to the boards.

My dad and I set this up so that the jars hang by 14" cable ties. 

We drilled small holes in the board to thread the cable ties through:

Make sure to fasten the tie tight. I tested it right-side-up before I clipped the tie.

Third step: Hang the boards and you are done!

The project took me no more than 30 minutes last weekend, but combined with the effort it took my dad and I to get the boards, cut and sand them, drill holes and fasten to the wall, I'd say the project took about 3-4 hours. Worth it, I think, to have fresh herbs growing in my apartment!

Now let's see if I can keep them alive! I also plan on adding more herbs later. There aren't too many in season this time of year!

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