Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Spectacular Spice Solution

When I first moved into my apartment, one aspect of my kitchen that I both loved and hated was the area above the sink. It is perfect for storing spices as it is the ideal distance from the stove (easy access while cooking). But - the space is quite small, so none of the traditional spice racks, like this or this, fit here.

Given these limitations, the space became an unorganized jumble of spices and other miscellany:

Last week I found a solution to this mess! I ordered these jars off of Amazon, along with a chalk pen and stick-on labels. They came in the mail on Friday, just in time for a spectacular weekend project!

I spent a good hour transferring the spices to the new jars, and then adhered the labels. Warning - turmeric leaves a stain. Use newspaper or paper towels to protect your table or counter! Part of my dining room table has a tint of yellow to it now due to spilling the turmeric. I've put in some elbow grease just to get the yellow color to calm down - it is almost out now.

Next, I put the jars in place and was surprised that I can actually see what spices I have! Before, I had to dig around the mess to find what I was looking for. Not anymore!

The jars were such a simple solution, I don't know why it didn't occur to me to do this before!

And here is the before and after of my kitchen:


  1. Love it! That's how we store a lot of our other items too. Nuts, seeds, oatmeal (the small amounts in kitchen, not pantry stash), chocolate chips, etc. We use ball jars. I love the labels! Right now we are just writing on the lid with a white crayon. Nice change! Now you could also shop your spices in bulk for refills if you have them available near you!

    1. Re: shopping for spices in bulk - Definitely! There is one Whole Foods near my work that sells spices in bulk. That's what I'll be doing from here on out, for sure!