Thursday, February 13, 2014

Countless Cardigans

I'm back with the contuning story of my wardrobe downsizing. I'm calling this one "countless cardigans" because it really feels like I have so many that they are not quantifiable! I had a great idea, which was to get out all of my cardigans and start pairing them with outfits. Anything that doesn't go with more than one outfit gets the boot. I started with this pile:
7 cardigans

I thought, wow, that's a lot of cardigans. But little did I know that I had more hiding! After a half hour, this appeared:
Now 8 cardigans

An hour later, another one:
9 cardigans!

Why so many? Why!?

One reason for the many cardigans might be that I don't do a good job of remembering what I have at home when I'm out shopping. Say I need a skirt. I find one I like, but I don't think about how it would pair with items I have in my closet. This results in me buying a top that goes with the particular skirt at the store - usually what is on the mannequin.

Seeing how many cardigans I have made me think about why I bought them, and how I can stop acquiring so many.

My hope is that by getting rid of some, I can better remember what I have and so when I'm out shopping, I can make sure to buy something that matches what I already have. Or better yet, not buy anything for a while! I think I'll go with option number two since I don't like shopping anyway!


  1. I keep a list in my phone of items I know my wardrobe is missing (like blue cardigan or navy suit pants). So if I am out shopping with friends I know which items are actually worth spending my moola on!

    1. Excellent idea, Casey! I just wrote down a list last week and have been able to tick off a few items.

  2. Cardigans are my weakness. And camis. I LOVE them. I usually have four in the rotation. Right now I have eight or so, as I'm in between long and shorter sleeve. And I have (b/c I'm weak) held on to the ones that are worn out as my 'house cardis.' Good start!

    1. LOL - there are a few items I have from HIGH SCHOOL that I still have as loungewear :) And because I'm a few sizes small now than I was then, they are super loose and comfy. I should really let go. :)