Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Clothes & Closet Update

Phew - the last two weeks have been rough! This is a busy time of year for me at work, hence the lack of blog posts lately! I have several updates to share, the first of which is about my closet.

I went through all of my clothes and decided I really had too much. See what I mean?

After removing every item sifting through all of it, I'm down to 75 items from well over 100.

This is my closet now:

It may not look less cluttered, but believe me, it is! I can see my clothes much better now. There is more room, which means they aren't bunching up and getting wrinkled.

Soon I'll have an update on some new pieces I purchased to round out my wardrobe. The new items I bought actually allow me to have more options, but still have less clothes than before.


  1. Great! It's a good feeling to go through of them again. Do you have anything you are holding on to and don't use, but can't quite get rid of? I do. I have a handful...it's so frustrating. One thing I don't want to get rid of are some convertible type dresses I bought when we were in Vegas. I love them, and the idea of them (hello, convertible!), but they aren't the right colors/patterns for me anymore. With the exception of one...one is a grey-black gradation and it's beautiful. The other deal is that they are silky...it doesn't really work out in my everyday life. But I can't get rid of them b/c I think the girls will really like them in a few short years. I wondered if you got new hangars that all matched if your closet space would look even prettier and make you even happier. That's what we did...Philip is a freak about it. ;)

    1. Yay for Philip! I have thought about this, and will probably do it eventually. Call me crazy, but I'm actually thinking of knitting around my wire hangers with a specific color - the navy and green that is sort of the color scheme of the basket and curtain in there. I've been trying to figure out a way to photograph the closet to put in here, and it has been extremely difficult. If I do ever figure it out, I'll post what is going on in there. I'm trying to get it to be a bit more cohesive.

      Oh and yes, there are a few things I'm holding onto for purely sentimental reasons. Like bridesmaid dresses. And "gray hoodie." Do you remember me wearing "gray hoodie" in high school? Same one! It was like my go-to thing in the cold rooms at school, and then it sort of became a joke between me and Ash - how I never went anywhere without it. I still wear it around the house, but it is getting quite old and bit ragged now!