Thursday, March 6, 2014

March is Bike Month!

March is the month I've been anticipating since late last fall - I've finally saved up enough money to buy a bike! Woo hoo!

Three years ago my bike got stolen, and since then, I've been bike-less. Waiting so long to buy a new one was intentional, for the most part. One, I was scared my bike would get stolen again. Two, I didn't have an ideal place to store a bike. Back when I had one, I kept it in my bedroom. I was in grad school and living with a roommate then, so I had a bit more space to store it at the time.

Three years on, however, I'm in a much better situation and feel confident enough to buy a new bike. I live in a building that has bike storage in the underground parking lot, plus I have secure storage at work. And just to make sure my bike doesn't get stolen this time around, I'm buying one of these bad-ass contraptions:

The Bike Rack
My bike budget is $500 max. I'm really hoping for something more in the $450 range. Here are a few I'm looking at:
Public - $299

The Bike Rack - $400

The Bike Rack - $410
I'm really excited to start riding my bike to work every day. I have a 2.5 mile commute each way, which is a perfect distance for biking. It will shorten my morning commute since I won't have to wait for the bus or be stuck in traffic. I will also get exercise twice a day without having to trek it to the pool or pay for a yoga class. This bike will more than pay for itself over time!

In addition to the bike itself, I've put aside another $100 to purchase the above u-lock and a few other accessories, such as this grocery bag:
The Bike Rack 

I'll probably also put on some fenders and get a rain jacket, necessities for the all-weather commuter, which I hope to become!

Got any tips for bike commuting in the city? Have a bike you love? Share your thoughts in the comments!


  1. I loooooove my bike!! It has been sitting gathering dust all winter. still so much snow in Toronto so itll be awhile before I bust it out again! I want to get some saddle bags so I dont have to wear a backpack when I bike to work (its about 7ish miles....very sweat inducing!). My only tip is to check the route on google maps- they often highlight in green the best bike-friendly roads!

    1. Thanks for that advice on Google, Casey. I'll do that!

      Are you able to shower at work? We do have one, and I know some people use it. I don't think I'll need it even in the summer since my bike commute will be fairly short. But with a 7 mile commute like yours, I imagine one would need to shower after a hot ride in!