Tuesday, March 11, 2014

New Items for Remixable Wardrobe

A few weeks ago, I took a much-needed half-day off from work. I spent my free time that day walking around town and stopping in at various clothing stores. Shopping, in my opinion, must be for a purpose. I'm not a window shopper at all, so my purpose this time was to find a few new items of clothing that would greatly enhance my wardrobe, while making my items more mixable in the process. My goal is to have fewer items, but more items that work together.

With that in mind, I picked up the following pieces:
Ann Taylor Loft
The Gap - similar item
Ann Taylor Loft - similar items

Here are some examples of how I can integrate these new purchases into my wardrobe, using already-owned items:

1. Green bird dress. You may remember this dress from a post a few weeks back. Additions - jean jacket and braided belt.

2. Dark skinny jeans. Also featured a few weeks ago. Additions - chambray shirt and gray sweater.

3. Favorite green top. Same post as the others. Additions - jean jacket and white jeans. I bought the jeans circa 2008!

4. And how about a little summer outfit to get me dreaming about warmer weather! The chambray shirt pairs well with navy blue shorts and a pink tank top, both bought several years ago.
I'm very happy with my new items! I already enjoy picking out an outfit in the morning more than I did a month ago. Having fewer clothes but more versatile choices is helping, that's for sure! The only thing left on the "to-buy" list is a beige or brown blazer to go over some dresses. I'm keeping my eyes peeled!


  1. These are great, versatile pieces! And, I think I've seen that favorite shirt! ;) I think my next pieces to add to get some more versatility are starting fresh with some new basic colored camisoles (mine are worn), a black blazer (been on my list for awhile, not too big of a deal until Fall, but if I see one...), and a crisp white button up. I can't wait to overhaul the wardrobe again as soon as I'm done nursing the baby. I think it will make the job that much easier (and more realistic).

  2. Thanks! I'm loving these items so far. Although today it dipped down into the single digits again, so it is back to sweaters. I just want to wear my awesome green dress and jean jacket with sandals already! Two items I'm on the look out for currently: A beige or brown blazer to make some of my dresses a bit more formal, and a white lacy-ish top to wear under things. The one I had was a few years old and it just started falling apart!