Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Camera Problem & Closet Idea

I made a little change in my living room over the weekend, but when I went to photograph it, my camera didn't work! I identified the problem, which is actually in the lens. I'll likely have to send it in to get fixed, so I won't be able to take pictures for a while. We'll see what posts I can come up with sans camera! This is a try at that - an idea for a quick fix in my closet.

Take a look at this picture. Is there something that stands out?

To me there are a few things, but one in particular. That would be the plastic set of drawers that my boots are standing on. I bought this one a few years ago from Target, and as you can see, I've never quite succeeded in getting the labels off! I need to bite the bullet and sit down with some soapy water and get that stuff scraped off!

But then what? It is still white and awkward amid the navy/green color scheme I have going on. Same goes for the shoe rack, but I'm not ready to tackle that project just yet (nor do I have a solution!). But for the little two-drawered storage bin, I think I have a remedy. Removable wallpaper!

I've been eyeing removable wallpaper for about a year now, but have never taken the plunge in getting any. The great thing about removable wallpaper is that you don't have to use it just for your walls. You can put it on your refrigerator, a tray, radiator, or even frame it!

These are two of my favorite patterns that I'm thinking of sticking on the drawers.
Chasing Paper

Chasing Paper

There is also the option of ordering adhesive stripes and designing it all myself!
Walls Need Love

What do you think would look best in the closet? DIY-ing my own design out of the adhesive stripes or ordering one of the patterned designs?


  1. Try vinegar and water mixture to get the labels off!! and I love the wallpapering idea

  2. I like the second wallpaper sample best!

    1. I'm leaning towards the second sample or doing my own stripe thingy. Maybe I could do the stripes on the shoe rack?