Saturday, May 3, 2014

Best of the Blogosphere: 5/3/14 Edition

Every Saturday I feature a blog post in the following categories: Simple Living, Financial, DIY, Before & After, and Random. Here are this week's picks:

Best Simple Living:

Best Financial: I am happy to see a post about income inequality that isn't full of anger, frustration, and political vitriol. Instead, this article says "Outrage doesn't put food on the table, though. A more sensible option is to do something." Via Get Rich Slowly.

Best DIY:  I've been investigating making my kitchen window area into a pseudo-garden. This Ikea Hack is a great source of inspiration!

Best Before & After: An odd-shaped room turned into a beautiful closet. Via Apartment Therapy.

Best Random: Who knew some companies had grants for home-buying if you leave near where you work?! Check out Johns Hopkins' program.

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