Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Closet Craft Project

Remember a few weeks ago I talked about decorating this little white set of drawers in my closet?

Well, I did!

I decided on this print:
Chasing Paper

Here is how I did it. These were the drawers at the beginning:

First, I had to wash them. This took forever. I have come to really despise labels. After a solid hour of elbow grease, I finally had a clean surface to work with:
Next, I took measurements of the surfaces I wanted to cover and began tracing the patterns on the back of the wallpaper:
Then I carefully cut out each piece. Here are the front and top pieces:
After that part was done, I adhered the wallpaper to the surface of the drawers. This took a while as I had to make sure I got out all the air bubbles that accumulated between the wallpaper and the surface. But it was worth it! Here is the finished product:

And now, in its spot in the closet:


Much improved!


  1. Pretty! I hate labels too. On anything.

    1. The worst! Such a waste of glue and paper. We just need to see the price tag, really.

  2. LOVE it! You're so good, Katie.