Monday, July 14, 2014

Room for Wine

I would love my very own wine cellar. But since I don't even have a basement, I take what I can get! The "what I can get" is a small wine rack on my kitchen buffet. I haven't been making full use of it, though. As you can see, the wine rack houses one bottle plus lots of other stuff:

A few weeks ago I saw this photo from Apartment Therapy, which was the first time I encountered a photo of my exact buffet!
Via Apartment Therapy
I inherited the buffet from someone when they moved out of an apartment, so I still have no idea where it came from. I knew you could adjust the shelves, but I was too scared to do it myself. Until I saw this picture and became majorly motivated to use the wine rack in all its glory.

It really was easy. I thought I'd have to take the whole thing apart, which was not appealing. Before I started, though, I consulted my dad, the master carpenter and Solver of All Building-Related Problems. He said I could just hammer the shelves loose, move the friction-fit pieces that hold the shelves in place, and then hammer the shelves into their new settings. That's exactly what I did. Moving the shelves took all of five minutes. Cleaning them took much longer, so the project turned out to take about an hour. Check out my full wine rack now! The sun was quite bright when I took this picture - I'll have to get a better shot some other time.

It might seem like a tiny project, but I'm very proud of myself. And happy that now I can display my lovely wines in their proper place!

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  1. Nice change! Now there's a reason to have a few more bottles on hand! ;)